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Studio Belle-Sœur

Beautiful eyeglass chains from Studio Belle-Sœur. The string collection consists of eight different styles made from freshwater pearls, gemstones and glass beads in combination with gold-plated sterling silver and vegan nylon string.

Studio Belle-Sœur is a Copenhagen family business established in 2018 by sisters-in-law Stephanie Bach and Emilie Bach. The idea behind came from a dream to create a product and a brand that captured the sisters-in-law's passion for aesthetic design and details.

The first product was the eyeglass chain, launched in the summer of 2019 with a desire to reinvent the eyeglass string as we knew it and introduce a new fashion statement for women who like versatility and duality in their accessories and jewelry .

At Studio Belle-Sœur, all products are the result of careful and conscious decisions to create long-lasting products. The products are timeless and can be used across seasons. In addition, products and materials are used deliberately to prevent overproduction. Therefore, the remaining materials are incorporated into new collections and products - thereby reducing the dependence on raw materials.