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Shirts for women


On our webshop we carry a wide range of shirts for women in different colors and styles, so there is something for everyone. At Kontinué, we love women's shirts because the shirt is both beautiful, professional and sexy at the same time. At the same time, we love the many possibilities of use, where only your imagination sets limits on how you wear your item. You can see our selection of shirts for women on this page.

Good quality in timeless and trendy designs

As all our brands are carefully selected according to our values, you will also find that the price reflects a respectable working relationship with responsible brands that prioritize quality over quantity. We guarantee you'll get a great product when you invest in a shirt from the selection at Kontinué, which you can wear to a multitude of events and enjoy season after season.

Are you looking for the neutral shirt that saves any clothing crisis, or are you more into colorful patterns and feminine details? Our selection of brands includes esmé studios, Skall Studio and Aiayu, all of which create timeless designs with a multitude of uses.

Find a shirt for every occasion

As the women's shirt has become an incredibly popular piece of clothing, you will also find that it has been reimagined in a multitude of styles. In our webshop, we carry both the classic fitted shirts for the office as well as the long women's shirts for summer parties or a relaxed workplace.

Our range offers shirts that can be worn all year round. In winter you can leave the shirt collar peeking out under a knit, and in summer you can combine with a pair of linen shorts and sandals for the ultimate sunshine outfit. Explore our large selection right here and find the shirts that will make a difference in your wardrobe.