Sunglasses for women

A pair of nice sunglasses serve several functions. Not only do they protect against the sun's dangerous rays, they also give your summer outfit a modern and cool look. It can be really difficult to choose the right size sunglasses to suit your face shape. If you feel that you are groping blindly in the hunt for the perfect sunglasses, we have made a small guide to this summer's must-haves.


When hunting for the right sunglasses for summer, there are several things you need to take into account. Sunglasses come in a multitude of models, sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Your choice of sunglasses must emphasize your personal style, so whether you prefer a classic black pair or would rather experiment with the more colorful ones, you can find them here at Kontinué. Several brands have started to express their creativity in sunglass designs. At Chimi Eyewear you will find several models with patterns and colored frames and lenses, which allow you to express your personality in the best way. You can easily create a unique and trendy look for the sunny days with a pair of beautiful sunglasses from Chimi Eyewear.

What size sunglasses should I choose?

The fit and size of the sunglasses are decisive for your overall look. Where the large models can give an elegant, modern and feminine look, the smaller sunglasses can give you a cool, raw and retro look. Take a look here in the small size guide for your next pair of trendy sunglasses.

  • Smaller sunglasses

A pair of smaller round sunglasses for women is one of the big trends of the season. The stylish glasses have a retro look and give you a cool look - perfect as a contrast to a nice summer dress.

  • Oversize sunglasses

The larger models are stylish in their expression. In this category, the selection falls, among other things, on the feminine cat-eye glasses with lots of rims, the more masculine aviator sunglasses and the large sunglasses with round edges. At James Ay you will find a large selection of the larger models, which can give you lots of character.

Give your summer look the final touch with a pair of fashionable sunglasses for women. You will find a wide selection on this page, so you can choose just the fit and model that best suits you and your personal style.