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Basics for women

There's nothing like good basics that can easily be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. If you build your wardrobe around good basics, you can easily add fine accessories to your outfit and adjust your look up or down. At Kontinué, we are happy with stylish basic clothing in soft quality, where the fit always works. On this page, we have therefore collected all the stylish basics from many recognized and sustainable brands, which fit right into the basic wardrobe.


Basic t-shirts and tops for the wardrobe

Most women know how to stand frustrated in front of the wardrobe with nothing to wear. When the clothing crisis hits, it's great to have the safe items that just always work - and these are often all the delicious basic items. Basic tops and t-shirts are wardrobe essentials because the styling options are endless. A basic t-shirt in 100% organic cotton is always a hit because it is comfortable and can be combined with everything. Choose the color and fit that best suits your style, and you'll always have a sure winner when you're in a hurry or unsure of what to wear. Combine it with a pair of black canvas trousers or a pair of cool jeans for an easy, fashionable and simple look.

Timeless basics in natural colors

Basic clothes in muted colors form the basis of most women's wardrobes. If you have basic clothes in the classic colors such as black, white and grey, then you have a good starting point when putting together your outfit. In our basic clothes for women, you will also find plenty of light and bright tones from the color palette, including earthy colors such as beige, sand-coloured and brown and completely pale blue tones. All the colors make it easy to build your outfit around your basics. Choose your basics in delicious quality materials and go for a great fit in a timeless design, so that your basic wardrobe can last many years into the future. Find the wonderful basics here at Kontinué.