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Leah Hoyer

Lea Hoyer is an Aarhusian brand that primarily works with the water casting technique that creates organic and unique jewellery. When Lea Hoyer designs her jewellery, it is through the organic process where she melts the material and drops it into a bowl of water. At the bottom of the bowl, an imperfect, organic form of the water is created. Therefore, Lea is inspired to create new collections in the process, and she never knows exactly how the shapes will develop during the process of a new collection.

To challenge the water casting technique, Lea has visited various sea areas throughout Denmark, which have a special meaning in her life. Together with her team, she has created collections directly in the sea. This means that the molten material has been dropped to the bottom of the ocean. It is an unpredictable process that plays an important role in shaping the organic jewelry.

All jewelry made of sterling silver. The jewelery is stamped with 925 together with the signature stamp HOYER. The gold jewelery is gold-plated with a five-layer gilding in 22 carat.