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Every wardrobe should contain a solid selection of tops in nice materials. Tops come in a sea of ​​styles, each of which has its own expression depending on fit, color and details. Therefore, many women also have a wide selection of tops in their wardrobe.

Are you looking for basic tops in great quality for a hot summer day or to wear under a sweater? Or perhaps a long-sleeved top or t-shirt in a beautiful color for everyday outfits? At Kontinué you can find a wide selection of tops from a wide range of recognized and sustainable quality brands, so go exploring on this page and find the top of your dreams.


A must-have in every woman's wardrobe

When it comes to tops, the possibilities are endless. The same top can give completely different expressions depending on what it is combined with. For example, if you choose a black top, you can create a feminine expression by adding a beautiful necklace and accentuating the neck or by combining the top with a skirt. The same top can create a cool look by combining with a pair of loose jeans and a pair of sneakers. There is no doubt that tops are a must-have in the wardrobe because they can always be used in your outfit. At Kontinué, we have both plain basic tops in delicate shades, which can easily be combined with your favorite trousers, and tops with more details, which attract a little more attention to your outfit.

Our wide selection has in common that the tops are made of quality materials that are comfortable and soft against the skin. They are easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe because the color choice is delicate and neutral.

Tops for both summer and winter

There is no time of year when a beautiful top cannot be used. When the summer sun heats up, there is nothing better than a cotton top, which easily lets the skin breathe and provides plenty of air and sun for the arms. At Kontinué, we have lots of tops in 100% organic cotton that are breathable, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Our tops are also easy to wear under a knit sweater, dress or shirt and provide an extra layer of warmth on days when the weather shows its harsh side.

Explore our wide selection of women's tops on this page and find your fashionable favorites in high quality for the collection.