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Shell Studio

Skall Studio is a Danish luxury brand that combines quality and sustainability in beautiful, stylish designs. The brand's timeless and classic collections contribute to the fact that the individual styles can be used for many years to come. The collections are inspired by the Scandinavian nature – both nature's colours, materials and shapes. The mussel in particular – which is also the brand's logo – is a huge source of inspiration at Skall Studio. At Kontinué, we sell a large selection of clothing from Skall Studio. Explore the range and find your timeless favourites, which can last for many years.

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Stylish items in mild colors

Who wouldn't love to wear clothes from Skall Studio from head to toe? Almost all items from the collections can be combined, as the mild, neutral colors create a beautiful and harmonious expression when put together. You can easily combine feminine blouses from Skall Studio with a pair of the brand's soft cotton trousers in a loose silhouette. Then you have the perfect everyday outfit - casual and cool with a feminine touch. You can also explore the large selection of dresses from Skall Studio. The delicate colours, beautiful shapes and many fine details give each and every dress a timeless and feminine look. Wear the dress everyday with a pair of sneakers or sandals, or spice it up for festive events with elegant jewelry and a pair of heels.

Find the exclusive styles from Skall Studio here at Kontinué.

Skall Studio combines sustainability and quality

At Skall Studio, sustainability and responsible fashion are paramount, and it has been a solid part of the brand's identity from the start.

Skall Studio has established a number of principles for responsible fashion, so when you buy a piece of clothing from the brand, you can be sure that the following principles have been thought into your new clothes.

  1. Timeless design

Skall Studio's beautiful silhouettes are timeless. The high quality helps ensure that the stylish designs can be appreciated in the wardrobe for many years.

  1. Made from natural materials

The brand uses only natural materials such as organic cotton, wool and linen. With natural ingredients, Skall Studio can avoid using dangerous pesticides and emitting microplastics, as most synthetic materials do.

Animal welfare is also one of Skall Studio's core values, which is why no fur or leather is used in the beautiful collections either.

  1. Social responsibility

Production takes place in a socially responsible supply chain, and long-term and close relationships with suppliers have been created. There is a respectful culture where each employee is recognized and valued for the work towards the final Skall Studio product.

  1. Respect for the environment

Skall Studio only works with factories that are certified according to international standards in terms of working conditions and the environment. The brand also only uses recycled plastic and FSC-certified cardboard for the packaging.

  1. Long life with maintenance

The brand offers free help repairing Skall Studio products and encourages consumers to recycle, sell or give away the clothes when they can no longer use them. In this way, the lifetime of the products is extended.

When you buy a piece of clothing from Skall Studio, you can therefore be sure that the stylish design has been produced with consideration for the environment. Find beautiful items in our wide range of Skall Studio on this page.

The story behind Skall Studio - Danish design inspired by Danish nature

Skall Studio was founded in 2014 by the sisters Julie and Marie Skall. The sisters' hometown is North Jutland, and the design is inspired by the Danish nature. The brand's logo is a seashell, and there is a very special reason for that. The history of the seashells goes all the way back to the 1900s with the sisters' great-great-grandparents. They lived by collecting and selling seashells, and this is where the family name Skall arose. Today, the clam is a great inspiration for the sisters, which is also reflected in the collections.