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Aiayu - pronounced [ai-ya-yu] - means 'soul' in the indigenous Aymara language of Bolivia.

Responsibility & integrity have been at the heart of Aiayu since the brand's founding in 2005 - founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of the integrity behind a product.

Aiayu redefines luxury by intertwining nature's best materials with exceptional craftsmanship and simple Scandinavian design. Aiayu's founding principles are to exclusively design objects that are made to last - Sustainable sourcing of nature's best materials - Responsible and craft-focused production and less waste.


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At Aiayu, exclusive quality and sustainability are the main elements of the brand's vision. Aiayu is based in Denmark, and this is where the unique ideas for new designs are developed. The design process is carefully thought out for each and every product, and therefore it is more important for Aiayu to design the right products of the highest quality rather than constantly creating new collections that do not consider the environment and the design process.

We offer a wide selection with everything from dresses and skirts from Aiayu as well as nightwear, toiletry bags and much more. Discover our large selection of clothes from Aiayu on this page.

Timeless design in natural and organic materials

Characteristics for Aiayu are the timeless designs and the use of exclusive materials of the highest quality. The focus is on natural materials, and Eri silk, yak and Sartuul wool and organic cotton are used, among other things.

The natural materials are both healthier for you to wear and healthier for the environment. Aiayu is very responsible for the choice of materials, and there are therefore no synthetic materials in over 98% of Aiayu's collections. The brand does not believe that plastic should be in our nature or on the skin, and it is important to Aiayu that the clothes can be disposed of and decomposed properly after many years of use.

Aiayu's beautiful designs usually come in natural and neutral shades. They work with the natural colors of the materials and gently refine the beautiful materials that nature has already created. In addition, there is a great focus on increasing the number of uncolored products in each collection, because they are biodegradable.

The undyed materials are part of Aiayu's soft color palette, which characterizes the brand. The neutral and natural colors are timeless, usable and give a delicious and exclusive look.

Soft and comfortable nightwear from Aiayu

If you want to set the stage for a good night's sleep, nightwear from Aiayu is the right choice. Let the exclusive nightwear provide an extra layer of warmth under the covers, or jump into a stylish pair of pajamas from Aiayu after a long day at work. There's also nothing like a slow weekend wearing comfortable loungewear. Use a beautiful toiletry bag from Aiayu for all your skincare favourites, and take some time for yourself with a self-love routine in the lovely loungewear.

The nightwear is made of organic cotton and feels soft and comfortable against the skin. You can find the delicious selection in dusty and gentle colours, so you can advantageously mix your night shirt and night trousers with your other favorites in the wardrobe.

Aiayu shorts in soft organic cotton

Shorts from Aiayu are indispensable on hot summer days when you want to catch all the sun's rays on your legs. Aiayu shorts have a beautiful and relaxed fit and are made of organic cotton.This makes them breathable and comfortable to wear in the summer heat, or after a long day at work when you want to jump into a pair of relaxing shorts In the summer, you can wear your Aiayu shorts with a light t-shirt or a nice shirt.

Sustainability first

Responsibility and propriety have been a high priority at Aiayu ever since the brand's inception. Aiayu is founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of the integrity behind a product. The thinking is that it is better to create fewer but better products. Aiayu values ​​timeless designs, and the goal is always to create the very best version of each and every product, so that it can be used for many years to come. By designing timeless products of the highest quality, Aiayu does its part to reduce overconsumption. The brand supports small family farmers and sustainable producers who have an alternative approach to production. By intertwining sustainable procurement of nature's best materials with exceptional craftsmanship, Aiayu creates a responsible and craft-focused production where waste is minimized.

If you want to own timeless styles, where quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics have not been compromised, then Aiayu is the obvious choice. Find your new clothes from Aiayu on this page and let them be part of your favorite wardrobe for many seasons to come.