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Repérer is our space for development & creativity.

Our mission is to bring beautiful, hidden and forgotten things back to life.To give them a contemporary expression through good craftsmanship and personal taste.

The jackets in this capsule are designed by us, created with love and respect for the craftsmanship of the past.

Each jacket is unique - there is only one, and the textiles carry stories from a long life.

The shirts are all sewn by Social Craft which is a local social economy company that helps people on the edge of the labor market. We find all the textiles ourselves, cut and put together the finds as we think they fit best together. Each shirt therefore consists of several parts, from different tablecloths and the like. Many hours of work go into each and every shirt.

Since the jackets / shirts are made from vintage tablecloths, small variations and errors may occur. We have worked as best as possible around the signs of use from earlier times, but in some places we have had to embrace these.