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FUB Women

FUB is a responsible Danish brand that manufactures high-quality products from well-thought-out materials. The entire value chain has been considered, and only two collections are produced per year.

FUB's products are built on the love of clean raw materials, good craftsmanship and our roots in Scandinavian design, which is reflected in everything they make.

FUB is made with consideration for the environment. All products are made from OEKO-TEX® certified wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. The raw materials are produced without the use of harmful chemicals such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants. You therefore get clean, responsible products that have left a minimal footprint on nature in the production process.

When you buy a product from FUB, you can be sure that everything has been done to be able to offer you a clean, timeless and comfortable piece of clothing with a very long life.