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Watt & Veke

Watt & Veke is a Swedish company founded in 1998 with the vision of making the days brighter by using light that will bring something extra than just lighting.

At Kontinué, we have chosen to carry the beautiful, hand-folded paper stars from Watt & Veke, which are manufactured in a factory just southeast of New Delhi, India.

Each star is carefully folded by hand and behind every star from Watt & Veke lies hard work both from the person who carefully folds each point of the star by hand and glues them together, to the factory owner who sets the bar high with regard to quality and manufacturing process. The factory is located in a beautiful green area that also has high requirements for environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Many of the stars are made from 100% recycled textile, and no water is used in production. It is important to be able to save on the country's resources, clean drinking water is scarce in India. The large windows let in plenty of daylight and make it possible to save on electricity. This also provides a good working environment for the workers who fold, glue and punch holes in your paper star. The majority of workers in the factory are women. So when you buy a paper star from Watt & Veke, it's not just for you, you're also supporting women's independence in India.