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Laøhlé was born from a desire to combine holistic sustainability with uncompromising aesthetics. In sustainability lies a promise of responsibility and transparency, and in aesthetics lies a vision of creating something beautiful and exclusive, which at the same time requires greater awareness; both in terms of quality and in terms of the human and environmental resources that go into each and every design.

For Laøhlé, sustainability is far more than an added value; it is the core of the brand.

ECO Silver is the name for the recycled silver that is used in all jewellery. The silver has the same purity and high quality as new sterling silver, 92.5, but does not require new mining. Instead, the silver is extracted from old electronics, discarded jewellery, medical equipment etc., so nothing goes to waste.

New extraction of precious metals is fundamentally a resource-intensive process. For example, silver is only rarely found in large deposits, but must instead be extracted using a wide range of harsh, chemical processes. Likewise, it can be difficult to explain the working conditions along the way, unlike with the English supplier to Laøhle, who is certified by The Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC).

All the jewelery is also designed in Laøhlé's AARHUS STUDIO.